Moscow concert halls attack: What do we have learned so far

Security personnel at the site of the recent Moscow attack.

The incident is being described as the most fatal in recent years according to a report by The Associated Press, which Moscow Mayor Sergei S. Sobyanin has described as an “huge tragic event.”

A group of men dressed in camouflage were able to enter a auditorium located in Moscow and started shooting that killed over 60 people and injuring 140 and setting the venue on fire on the evening of Friday.


The incident is described as the deadliest of recent times, in a report published in The Associated Press, which Moscow Mayor Sergei S. Sobyanin termed the incident as a “huge tragedy” which occurred two hours before Russian the president Vladimir Putin resumed power with an overwhelming victory in presidential elections. Following the attack, it was made clear it was the Islamic State group claimed responsibility for the attack in a post posted on the social networks.


What we know so far regarding the Moscow attack to date:

  • Some men dressed disguised in camouflage walked into the Crocus City Hall in Moscow and fired on an audience of people who had gathered there to watch an appearance by the Russian rock group Picnic.

  • The incident, which set the concert hall in flames and killed more than 60 people and injured approximately 145, of which 115 have been admitted to hospitals, including five children, as per health authorities.

  • The terrorist organisation ISIS has claimed the responsibility for the attack. in a statement issued on the group’s Aamaq news agency The Islamic State group said it targeted a large group consisting of “Christians” within Krasnogorsk in Moscow’s outskirts injuring and killing hundreds.According to certain Russian media sources, the perpetrators left before the special forces and the riot police arrived.

Enhanced security measures in Moscow.
  • US intelligence officials have confirmed the claims made by that the Islamic State group’s branch based in Afghanistan that they were responsible of the Moscow attack an US official confirmed to the AP. According to the official, US agents of intelligence had collected information in recent weeks about they believed that the IS branch was preparing an attack in Moscow that was shared with Russian officials earlier in the month. But they were not permitted to speak publicly about the information.

  • Security was heightened at Moscow’s railway stations, airports and the city’s vast subway system according to Russian officials. Moscow’s mayor has also cancelled any mass gatherings, while museums and theatres were shut over the weekend. Some Russian regions also tightened their security.

  • In a report by Associated Press, on March 7Russia’s most powerful security agency announced that it had stopped an attack on a synagogue near Moscow that was carried out by the Islamic State cell, killing several of its members within the Kaluga region, which is close to Russia’s capital. Russian capital. Just a few days prior, Russian authorities said six suspect IS militants were shot dead during the course of a shootout at Ingushetia in Russia’s tense Caucasus region.

  • Certain Russian lawmakers have been quick to blame Ukraine of being behind the attacks and called for the intensification of attacks. But According to AP, Mykhailo Podolyak, an advisor of Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy, denied Ukraine’s involvement. “Ukraine has never engaged in using terrorist methods,” he posted on X. “Everything during the current war is determined exclusively in the battleground.”

  • The President Putin expressed his appreciation to doctors working in the aftermath of the attack and offered wishes for the injured a speedy recovery. “Putin has wished everyone injured in the incident on Crocus City Hall a speedy recovery and expressed his gratitude to the medical professionals, Golikova said,” state media TASS reported, referring specifically to Tatiana Golikova deputy prime minister for social policies health, labor, and pensions.

  • Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi condemned the “heinous terrorist attack” and stated that “India is in full solidarity to the Indian government”. “We are extremely disappointed by the tragic terrorist attack that took place in Moscow. Our prayers and thoughts are with the families of the victims.India is in solidarity with the government and citizens of Russian Federation in this hour of sorrow,” the Prime Minister wrote on the X.