WhatsApp Trouble: Users Can’t Send Messages Due To Server Issues

WhatsApp Trouble: Users Can't Send Messages Due To Server Issues

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WhatsApp Server Down: Global User Disruption

The server of WhatsApp is down. Due to this, users around the world are facing increasing problems.There were server problems in Meta’s instant messaging on Thursday. It was discovered that users were facing problems while sending or receiving messages on the application. After this, meta information about this problem was given. One website that tracks outages is DownDetector.

Which saw more than 17,000 reports from Indian users. After that problems were flagged with the WhatsApp platform. The issue came to light between 11 and 12 in the night.

According to NetBlocks, meta platforms like Instagram and WhatsApp are currently experiencing international outages. At first everyone came to know about the problem only in WhatsApp. After that, it came to light that similar problems were going on in Instagram also. These platforms are especially affecting image and media uploads. These incidents are not related to country-level Internet disruption or filtering.

Impact of WhatsApp Outage Worldwide

We all must know that Mark Zuckerberg is the creator of WhatsApp. This problem with his WhatsApp was global. Because more than 67,000 users in the United Kingdom and more than 95,000 users in Brazil reported this issue with the platform.

Users in the United States also faced problems with Instagram, DownDetector estimated.

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What did WhatsApp say about this?

WhatsApp has previously acknowledged the issue, saying: “We’re aware that some people are experiencing this issue right now.”

In the statement, he also said, “We are working to get things back to 100% as soon as possible by making things right for everyone. Give us some time.”

On the service page of Meta Status, the parent company also said, “We are experiencing an outage impacting service on the Cloud API. This issue occurred on 04-03-2024 11:10 AM PST (11:40 PM IST) Our engineering teams are continuing to investigate this issue. We will try to provide another update within the next 4 hours or sooner if additional information becomes available.”

Memes and Reactions on WhatsApp Server Down

There is no dearth of memes and those who create them in our country. WhatsApp being down is the top trend in X, which is filled with hilarious memes and messages. Regarding this, a user has written, “Whatsapp is down for everyone, go out and breathe some fresh air.” Another quipped: “Everyone: WhatsApp and Instagram are down (cry emoji) I use Telegram and X (cute picture)”

Last month, something similar happened with Facebook and Instagram also. Facebook was down for more than 2 hours due to a technical issue. Due to this hundreds of thousands of users were affected globally.



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